Scheduled Elections are held at the Spring General Meeting in March to elect members of the Executive for the upcoming year. Executives serve their term in office from May 1st to April 30th of the following year.

Unscheduled By-Elections may be called if new positions are added to the Executive mid-way through the year or if a position becomes vacant due to resignation or impeachment.

Each Election is overseen and administered by a Chief Electoral Officer and at least one Deputy Electoral Officer. Hiring for these positions begins in early to mid-February, with appointments being made by the Executive before each election. Learn more about the hiring of Electoral Officers.


Electoral Code

The CU FIRST Electoral Code, excerpted from Article VIII of the CU FIRST Constitution, outlines all rules and regulations governing our elections. The full document can be found below:


Current Election

The Spring 2019 Executive Election was conducted on Tuesday March 19th, 2019 in Southam Hall 505, Carleton University.  The following are the official results of that election, certified by both the Chief and Deputy Electoral Officers. 


Electoral Officers

Chief Electoral Officer: Anthony Caliciuri

Deputy Electoral Officer: Elisabeth Wood

The successful candidates will assume their elected positions on May 1st, 2019. Electoral complaints or disputes of the election results can be forwarded in writing to the Vice President – Internal for review and decision by the outgoing Executive.


Past Election Results

Spring 2018 Election


Electoral Officers


Spring 2017 Election


Electoral Officers

Election Officers: Alex Wilcox & Mackenzie Willis

Fall 2016 By-Election

Spring 2016 Election

  • President
    • Successful Candidate: Alex Wilcox
    • Result: Acclaimed
  • Vice President – Internal
    • Successful Candidate: Anthony Caliciuri
    • Result: Acclaimed
  • Vice President – External
    • Successful Candidate: Gabrielle Genereux
    • Result: Acclaimed