We host and support a number of events every year, ranging from membership social and networking events, to competitions and tournaments, to FIRST Ottawa community events bringing together teams from across the National Capital Region.

Carleton University FRC District Event

Brand-new for the 2020 season, FIRST Canada and the Carleton University Faculty of Engineering & Design have announced that Canada’s Capital University will be hosting an Ontario FIRST Robotics Competition District Event. Each March, over 30 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams comprised of high school students from across the province will gather in the Nation’s Capital to compete, with the goal of qualifying for the Ontario Provincial Championships in Mississauga. With a new challenge unveiled to teams each season, and with limited time and resources, students must design, program, and build a 120 lb competition-ready robot. Teams start each District Event by playing Qualification Matches, with randomly-generated alliances competing against each other in 3 vs. 3 matches for Ranking Points and Seeding Position. At the end of Qualifications, the top-seeded teams pick their permanent Alliances of 3 moving into the Playoffs, where they compete in a single-elimination tournament to crown the Event Champions! It’s more than just robots though, as teams will also vie for Judged Awards that celebrate Safety, Business & Marketing, Team Spirit, Gracious Professionalism, as well as measurable impact in growing the FIRST program through the event’s most prestigious award, the Chairman’s Award. As experienced FIRST Alumni, CU FIRST Members are highly encouraged to apply to become a Volunteer! Learn more about Volunteering at a FIRST Event.

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Ottawa FRC Season Kickoff

The largest event that CU FIRST organizes each year, the annual Ottawa FRC Season Kickoff has also become our club’s signature event and a favourite among teams in the area. Each January, FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams from across Eastern Ontario join us at Carleton University as the new FRC challenge is revealed to the world and that year’s season officially begins! We watch the live broadcast from FIRST Headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire, and begin Build Season by diving into the Rules of the Game, hosting Strategy Sessions, and uniting the teams from Ottawa and surrounding area in the spirit of cooperation and friendship. In recent years, with the generous sponsorship of the Carleton University Faculty of Engineering & Design, we’ve been able to offer many extra amenities, including a Pizza Lunch, Tim Horton’s Coffee, underground parking and more completely free to Kickoff attendees.

Learn more about the Ottawa FRC Kickoff

Ottawa FLL Challenge Tournament

The penultimate event for FIRST LEGO League Challenge-division teams in the National Capital Region and beyond, the annual Ottawa FLL Challenge Tournament is held each December, and with the support of the Faculty of Engineering & Design, is hosted by CU FIRST on the Carleton University campus. After the release of the Season Challenge and playing field in early-August, teams must design, program, and build a LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robot to complete various missions and earn points throughout the 2.5 minute matches. Teams will also be presented wit a problem to solve in-theme with that season’s challenge, and are challenged to come up with a real-world solution, presenting their project at the Qualifying Tournament for a panel of Judges. In addition to competing with their robot and showing off their project, teams will also for awards celebrating innovative Robot Design and and adherence to the FIRST LEGO League Core Values. CU FIRST supports the Tournament in a variety of ways, including Volunteer recruitment and registration, facilities and A/V bookings, logistical and technical support, in addition to providing aid to local FLL Challenge Teams throughout the season. As experienced FIRST Alumni, CU FIRST Members are highly encouraged to apply to become a Volunteer! Learn more about Volunteering at a FIRST Event.

Learn more about the Ottawa FLL Challenge Tournament

Ottawa FLL Season Kickoff

After the launch of the new FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Challenge season in August, students, coaches, and parents from across Ottawa and Eastern Ontario gather at Carleton University in September to celebrate the launch of a brand-new season. Embracing the ideals of teamwork, friendship, and fun, FLL Challenge-division Teams learn more about the game, receive guidance on strategy, robot design, and programming, and seek advice from FLL Alumni, Coaches, and Volunteers. Students will also get the opportunity to meet with local high school-aged FRC Teams to preview the next level of FIRST competition, while Coaches and Parents can make valuable connections with experienced FIRST Alumni, Tournament Volunteers, sponsors, and partners.

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Social & Networking Events

Throughout the Fall and Winter Semesters at Carleton University, CU FIRST organizes a number of events specifically for our members to relax, get to know one another, and have fun! From Board Game Socials, to LEGO Building Parties, to Pub Nights, we love spending time with our members and forging new friendships over our shared love of FIRST.

Stay tuned to the CU FIRST Newsletter and our Social Media accounts for all of the latest information.

General & Executive Meetings

General Meetings are held at least twice per year, and are scheduled for November and March. These meetings are open to everyone, and it’s where we will discuss and plan for upcoming events, vote on proposed Motions/Amendments, and hold elections

Executive Meetings are held at least once per month from September to April (during the Fall and Winter semesters at Carleton University). A portion of each of these meetings is dedicated to presentations from members. If a member has an issue or idea they would like to discuss, we ask that they email us at contact@cufirst.ca to be added to the agenda.

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