One of CU FIRST’s goals is to get as many people as possible involved in the FIRST Community here in Ottawa. As post-secondary students, we know that everyone may not have the time nor the means to mentor an area team, volunteer at events, or serve as an Executive. With that in-mind, we’re excited to offer several opportunities with flexible schedules and smaller scopes, allowing you to continue your involvement with FIRST in a way that works for you!



As CU FIRST continues to grow, and our role as leaders in the Ottawa FIRST Community continues to evolve, the Executive believes that now is the perfect time to get more of our members involved. That’s why we’ve decided to create Directorships, volunteer positions where our members can assist us in the planning and management of our events and projects, while limiting the scope to allow students with tighter schedules the opportunity to contribute without a significant year-long time commitment.

Like the Executive, Directorships will be unpaid volunteer positions. Directors will be expected to keep in regular contact with the Executive using Slack and be available for meetings either in-person or remotely via Google Hangouts. Directors will be invited to attend all Meeting of the Executive throughout their term, and will be encouraged to provide their input on all topics of discussion, but will not receive the same voting privileges as Executives.

Current Directorships

How to Apply?

The next round of Directorship hiring will begin later this year.

When is the Deadline?

The deadline for applications to be received will be announced at a later date.

What’s the Hiring Process?

The Executive will review applications internally and invite the top candidates for individual interviews, either in-person or remotely via teleconference. Once interviews are complete, the Executive will deliberate and vote. Successful candidates will be informed as soon as the final decision is made.


Electoral Officers

In advance of our yearly Executive Elections each Spring, a Chief Electoral Officer and at least one Deputy Electoral Officer will be appointed to oversee all aspects of the election, ensuring it runs according to the Electoral Code.

To act in either of these positions, individuals must be at least 18 years or older, and are disqualified from being a Candidate for any Executive position in that election. Job descriptions and responsibilities for these positions are listed below.



  • Act as a neutral party to oversee all aspects of the CU FIRST Election process
  • Monitor campaign activities of candidates to ensure they follow the Code of Conduct,
  • Enforce the Electoral Code
  • Review and rule on potential Electoral Code violations
  • Run the voting process during the Spring General Meeting
  • Count votes and certify the final results
  • Post advertisements on CU FIRST Social Media accounts to publicize the opening and closing of the Nomination Period, the Nomination of new Candidates, and the time/date of the Election
  • Oversee and assign tasks to Deputy Electoral Officer(s)



  • Support the Chief Electoral Officer in all of their responsibilities throughout the Election period
  • Complete tasks as assigned by the CEO